Girls, Should I take a risk (college project with my crush of only 2 weeks)?

I won't waste time, here's my story. In my marketing class I have been put into a group with four other people. One of them happens to be a ridiculously cute girl, who I have been texting at least twice a day, pretty good sized conversations. when we meet to work on the project, we spend a good bit of time flirting along with getting to know each other. My problem isn't just one thing, but several.

First, I'm in ways naive as well as shy to no end. Half of me thinks she's very interested and the other half can't imagine why she would ever be interested. So I cannot decide whether or not I think she's interested in me or not.

Second, let's say she is. What now? I ask her out, it doesn't go too well, and now the group is awkward?

Third, our schedules are in every conceivable way opposites. i wake at 6 and go to the gym, work at 8, class and work mixed until 4 and XXXXX until bed at 11. she, however, wakes at 9, goes to class from 11 to whatever, then works in her college dorm from 8 to midnight.

I don't mean to talk myself out of it, because I genuinely am interested in her. She is always asking me things about myself and she seems very flirty towards me. But, as I have only been in two serious relationships and very few casual dates, I'm not the best at reading girls.

What do?


Hopeless Idiot


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  • she's into you.. go for it.

  • The project is only two weeks long even if you get rejected it won't be so awkward. You can also make it blatantly obvious that you have romantic interests without actually asking her out. Tell her you have an extra concert or a movie ticket and ask her if she is interested in joining you.