How to ask out a shy/introvert/reserved girl?

This crush of mine is very shy and hardly is out alone, always with frnds. She talks less. I wished i could ask her to spend some time with me alone somewhere, how can i do that?


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  • Try to connect with her in a medium that she is interested in. For instance if a girl is really interested in school, try to break the ice through school assignment. If she takes dance classes, ask her some questions about dance or music. Giving women a chance to share with you their experiences as well as getting to know them better is always a win-win. As you get closer as friends (but not too good of friends) ask her out, or if she's interested in a relationship.


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  • buy her a card, write what you please and tell her to text you if she's interested

    if she doesn't text then you know she doesn't like you at all

    • I suppose first i must giver her a chance to know me well, this thing looks like a big risk. She is already shy n doesn't know me closely

    • that's why in the card you write 'I would like to hangout as a way to get to know each other' and try to be humorous

      I'm also going to do this card thing evaluate I got nothing to lose

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