Will he reject me because of my body?

a week ago, a guy added me on facebook and we had a mutual friend so i accepted. We chatted a lot and on the phone and he is fun. I know he is attracted to my "face" that's y he added me. Now he wants to meet😅, and I have a small problem. I'm too fat starting from my belly button (pear shaped) and he is so fit. I was not catfishing him or anything I didn't fall for him i just dont like being rejected bec of my body😔 Should i meet him or what?


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  • You should make the lifestyle changes to get the body you want, that's what u should do


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  • Don't you have other pictures of yourself on FB he can see? I am sure he has checked your profile.

    • Yes but almost all of my photos are my upper half😕 Should i text him and tell him that i'm not thin? Out of nowhere?

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    • Maybe just say how you are try to lose some weight, but have a way to go yet.

    • I told him and he said that he doesn't care😁 Thank u🙈

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  • Yeah just send a whole body picture of you! (:

    • Tell him your weight make it clear you are no mini tiny thing haha!

    • But he didn't ask and that will make him see how insecure i am😔

    • Eh haha! I guess. Your right I stop caring about what anyone thought of me.