Girls, Girls should a guy worry if you don't respond?

I need female intuition I've been talking to a girl only a few days over tinder (not a hookup we both are against that and she seems cool) we've messaged a decent amount the last couple days and she always seems keen on keeping it going, but today it's been literally like 4 hours with no reply which is fine I mean I don't expect constant connection I just wanted to make sure it's not a bad sign, given I know she doesn't have class etc today, so girls given you're knoweldge of how you guys operate what do you think? It a bad sign or me just overthinking it? (I honestly hate messaging and prefer face to face or at least phone calls, so I'm behind times)


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  • Don't jump to conclusions, yet. If shes' normally prompt about responding to your messages, she may even been bugged that she hasn't responded back. Give it a day or two. If she hasn't responded in that time frame, she's no longer interested and simply can't bring herself to tell you that. At this point, don't be afraid of sending another text either and start a different conversation (just don't over-do the texting waiting for a response). It could be the case that she doesn't know how/what to respond to your last text with so she's waiting for something different.

    • She's not like constant messages and it's not texting it's through tinder, so yeah

    • Then yeah, definitely do not worry yet. ;)