Feel Like I'm Asking For Too Much?

I'm dating this gal but we're not getting involved in a relationship until the circumstances are in our favor (we're long-distance). We've been good friends for two years now and dating for the past four months.

Before we decided to get involved in a LDR, we established some things we'd do to make things work. Things like keeping in touch, boundaries with other people, when we'd visit, etc.

We're in school all day, do homework in the evening and socialize once in a while. We talk on Skype every night. This is something we both look forward to as we go to each other to talk, to vent, to enjoy each other's company, etc.

Lately, she's been kind of pushing me to the side. When she says she'll Skype at a certain time, she ends up getting on way later or not at all and doesn't even bother letting me know. Before, we'd text without any pauses and if we became busy, we'd let each other know. Lately, she disappears in the middle of a conversation and I don't hear from her for hours.

I know I sound clingy or needy but this is something that we've pretty much established. I've brought things up in the past like this but she never seems to follow through with it. It's frustrating but I'm trying to be understanding with her busy schedule but it still bugs me when she can't even let me know what's up, even if it's just a short text.

Am I overreacting? Am I asking too much of her? If not, how can I tell her how I feel and see if she truly respects my feelings? Any advice would be apprecaited! Sorry for the long mesage.


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  • She either doesn't like you anymore, or/and she's dating someone else.
    If you're truly interested in a person, you're never *too* busy enough to text them. At least, that's what I think. It doesn't take much time to send a message.


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  • What you established is not the same as a commitment. While I can appreciate your frustration, she is not under obligation to do these things so she is doing no wrong. It may be that she is losing interest. But it may be that she needs more direct interaction in her life than Skype.

    I don't know what to suggest. She might reapond if you tell her the meglect bothers you but my guess is that pushing that way may drive her away.

    • That's what I was thinking. At this point, I'm on the verge of just giving up on her. Nothing I seem to do seems to attract her to me and make the commitment, which I can understand completely. Thanks for the honest opinion.

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