Torn between two, what should I do?

I met a guy around Christmas time we got on really well but lately he doesn't have time for me and it's been hurting me. I want a realtionship but he told me two weeks ago that he couldn't give me that. So I asked are you looking for a friends with benefits type of thing, he told me in the beginning he wasn't but he's so busy that he can't do a realtionship. I've still been seeing him because he has been honest with me on what he wanted. We don't go on dates anymore it's all about sex. But the last few days I've met this really great guy who seems so sweet and genuine.

He asked me to go out for dinner on Saturday and asked if I'd be his date for 2 work balls he has coming up. So I agreed. But I suppose I feel guilty and I'm not going to see two men. I know I have to pick.

i know there's no future with the first one but I suppose I really did like him and it upsets me that he doesn't want me like that. I've been hoping he'd change his mind and I feel like I have to be loyal to him cause we had such a good friendship. But This new guy has made me smile so much over the last few days.

Im just so confused and upset, if you were me what would you do?


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  • Depends who you hearts with. Hmm I would hit up the second guy if I were you, i mean you didn't promise to wait with the first guy and y'all only agreed to sex


What Girls Said 1

  • Pick the 2nd one. The 1st is only interested in you in a sexual way and you will end up having a broken heart, while the 2nd one still has the benefit of the doubt :p.