Why do I always get my hopes up when it comes to guys even when I know that deep down nothing will come from it cz they don't see me that way?

Ok so late last year I got a seasonal job at a department store. I worked there for about 2½ months and during my last week there I met this guy and I was really attracted to him. He was also there seasonally. I never really talked to him. I had maybe 3 conversations with him and I started to really like him. He was super social and friendly and just a likeable person.
I found out he was 22 and I was surprised cz he looks younger, like straight out of high school. (I'm 17 btw). I overheard his conversation with some other coworkers and they were discussed marriage and he said that he wanted to marry an Asian woman along with some other things. He also said he was moving to Japan so I lnew he was dead serious on marrying and Asian woman. And that also meant that after our jobs ended there was no way I wpuld ever see him again and that really sucks.
The whole marrying an Asian thing stuck with me though. I was kinda disappointed cz he said he wouldn't even consider dating anyone else. Ok that's an understatement. I was devasted and heartbroken. And I really didn't expect a relationship or anything to come from it. He barely noticed me at work cz he was so busy socializing but still it hurt to hear. (He's mixed with black and white I believe, I'm not really sure, he's a light skin tho and I'm a dark skin girl... I stupidly thought he might be interested in dark skin girls but guess not. Most guys don't seem to be anyway. I was hoping he was different)
I don't know what I'm really trying to ask but I just wanna know if me getting my hopes up was foolish even though he really showed no signs of interest? I'm mad at myself for getting my hopes up and making up this fantasy that we could be something in my head. I guess what I'm really trying to ask is how do I stop getting my hopes up and being attracted to people who I know will never like me that way? I'm sorry that this is so long, but thanks if you're still reading this lol. Can somebody give me some advice?


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  • There's so many guys out there, don't get worried about one


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  • You are still young, so how about worrying about school and your job. someone will come up to you if they like you don't go chasing people. Let them come to you. stay focus on what you have to do. Have fun live your life you have your whole life to worry about boys worry about you


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