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A girl I've been on a couple of dates with, says she's sort of doesn't know whether to get back with her loser boyfriend or try something new. She's sort of friends with benefits with him, but every time we meet up we get on great and flirt, she's said that she likes me and I've said the same about her. She says that the guy is a bit of a douche. I quite like the girl and feel that she's better than that, should I tell her that I like her and would like to go on a few more dates with her? Or should I wait until she and the other guy stop doing what they're doing?

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I feel like I should tell her, and if the worst comes to the worst she'll say she's going to give her ex another go. But I just don't know what to say, should I say something like, I like you would love to see you again and I feel I can treat you better and how you deserve to be treated. Would that work?


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  • nah man she's not worth your time, if a girl can't choose between 2 guys then she's not worth your time. You should be a priority not second choice. Move on bro. You can do better.


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  • Personally, I don't like to be compared with their ex or even go on a date with a woman who still talks about her ex. Hung up or talk about their ex is a no go for me (whether the topic about him was good or bad). I date to get to know the woman's likes and dislikes. I wasn't asking about her past relationships nor bother to know about that shit either. I want them to see me as a potential lover, not some therapist or a friend.

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