How fast should a girl?

On an online dating website. How long should it take a girl to respond to a message? If she responds right away. Is that a bad thing?


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  • Nope. Respond right away if you can. Same goes for returning phone calls and all that. I don't know who came up with this idea that you should superficially delay your responses to avoid looking desperate. It's such a silly idea.

    I'm pretty sure no one thinks like, "You know, she seemed nice but she responded to my message/call immediately, she must be a total loser. A really popular girl who is having an orgy with 10 guys should take at least 4 days to respond."

    Who does that? I'm pretty sure it's close to no one.

    So I think superficially lengthening the time of responses is just silly. It's good to avoid sending lots of messages to someone who hasn't responded, but it's perfectly fine to respond to a message as soon as you're available.

    • It normally takes him a little longer to respond? Like a couple of hours. Is it true if a guy is interested he responds immediately? I mean we've sent messages everyday.

    • He might just be busy and multitasking or maybe he's doing that silly padding the delay thing.

    • Ok. Thanks for the help. :)

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  • Just respond whenever you want/can. It doesn't really matter.

    • So if it takes him like a couple of hours to respond and I normally can respond in like 30 mins. Is that a bad thing?

    • I don't think so

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  • A lot of girls don't respond at all, so any speed above zero is pretty good. On the other hand, if you're going to respond don't wait a month or a year - within one week should be alright.

  • Deadpool agrees. Respond whenever is possible, I hate waiting on the other line trying to figure what should I do, you know I could either run around yelling Pew Pew Pew or try to stalk you or something.

    I think running around butt naked yelling Pew Pew Pew will be this evenings event, tomorrow's will be stalking you with Oscar (he is my stuffed Unicorn) 😋


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