Guys, Should I keep trying?

So I've been seeing this guy, who, off the bat told me that he was seeing someone else as well but it's casual. He is testing the waters. I was all for that, no problem. I've done it, too.

We've hung out a few times and it's wonderful. We have such a connection and always have a blast when we're together. Anyway, I'm really starting to get feelings for him but I'm trying to keep my distance at the same time because he is still seeing this other girl. So the problem I'm having is that we rarely text and if we hang out, it's usually me asking him when he's free. He has 3 jobs so he's busy, but in the back of my head I can't help but wonder if he's picking her over me. Ya know?

Also, if I don't contact him is there a chance he'll be like "man, I miss her" and contact me? Or will he think I don't care anymore and move on? I'm at such a standstill because I really do like this guy and I want nothing more than for this to work out. I want to keep pursuing, but I don't want it to be one sided and at the same time, I want to give up.

Thanks in advance for the advice. Please have genuine answers; nothing rude.


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  • If you text him more then intiate more then I feel the routine has to continue. If you stop talking to him maybe he might message you back. But it's hard to tell since he is so busy working.

    Also he is keeping his options open with the other girl. But at least he was honest about it. I sense something could be their for you and him. You both hit it off good. If you want it to work don't give up yet. I think if you stop texting and talking to him that he might loose interest.

    • Yeah, I mean sometimes I'll text him and he'll just read it or he'll respond a few days later. I texted him on Tuesday and he responded but never responded to the text after that and I haven't texted him since. (Wow, I said texted a lot, lol.) I really want to try and set something up for Monday but I wish he'd contact me and ask me out.

      I was told by one of my guy friends to pull back and he'll come running, but I don't think that's the case with him. The last thing I want him thinking is that I'm uninterested. I thought of maybe giving it one more day and if I don't hear from him, I'd text him tomorrow. Thank you for your opinion. I really appreciate it! Made me feel a little bit better about this whole situation.

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    • Of course! Especially because I know there's something about him that has me hooked because by now I'd be like "peace out" hahaha. I'm going to figure him out eventually. It's always good to have a positive outlook! I try my best but situations like this get me confused lol.

    • Lol yeah that makes it more interesting and fun when a person has you hook. True it takes time to figure out a person. I think eventually you will figure him out. Yes that is true guys can be very confusing.

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  • Firstly he's seeing another girl and that should come as a warning sign to you. If he's willing to see her behind her back he would certainly be willing to do the same to you. You're a very gorgeous girl that could get just about any guy and personally if I were you I wouldn't waste another minute thinking about him. Move on before you hurt her and hurt yourself is my advise to you.

  • I think you should try not texting him for a few days and see if he really misses you... That will definitely make it clear if he actually likes you and is on the same page with you or not...

    • Yeah, I haven't texted him in a few days. I know that he is in Big Bear for like 3 days, so I don't expect to hear from him until he gets back. But that's the thing - will he even text me? I don't know. I'm just stressing, haha. Thanks for the opinion!

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