Getting back with ex?

2 years with my boyfriend and he broke up with me on New Years and now he wants to get back together? He broke my heart and sent me a text when I started texting another guy , he said he still loves me and that I was his everything so I took him back right because I love him but now I'm wondering if it's a good or bad thing we're together? I don't want to get hurt again! He's the first boyfriend I ever had and I don't want to go through the pain if he decides to leave again!

we had a date together recently and it was nice he was being nice and everything but my guards are up! When is it okay to trust someone that hurt you like that?


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  • Not in my experience.
    He did it once, he'll do it again if you give him half a chance.
    He made his bed and now he should have to sleep in it. Alone.

    You got better things going then a guy who doesn't appropriate you.

    You can trust them again when they've shown through action that they are truly penitent, then they may be worthy of trust again.

    • You really think so? I got so close to moving in together and I had met his family and I don't know maybe your right I don't trust him completely and he was so desperate when I didn't text back

    • Obviously I dont' know either of you, but, all the experts say getting back with the ex is a huge no-no. And, on record, it doesn't matter how desperate he is. You can't take him back just cause you think he needs you, thats hella co-dependent. And, he is the one who dumped you, clearly he doesn't honestly feel he does need you.

      My experience was awful. I'm just giving you the advice I wish I had.

      You were already not good enough once, you will be there again.
      You've already made it through the toughest part of a break up.
      There are so many other people out there that won't take a doozy of a twozie on your trust.
      And probably the worst thing is, it will all be the same as before, just a second rendition of the same bedroom things, the same pet-peeves, and the same habits.

      I hope the best for you, girl, but its your life and you are entitled to all the wonderful mistakes you want.

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  • I don't think it's okay, but there is nothing that can be done now since you already agreed to give him a chance. I hope it ends well for you.

    Good luck anyway.


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  • oh c'mon don't u wanna experience someone new.

    • I don't know I'm really shy and he knows I am

  • people do make mistakes... though, i can't say the same for abusers and cheaters.

  • You can't. Once they fuck you over once. Ot will never be the same again :(


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