First date on Saturday and I'm terrified help please?

I've had this crush on this guy for a while. We don't know each other personally but know each other from around the area. Anyway he added me on Facebook and asked me do I want to go for dinner. I really starting to panic because I've never gone out with anyone I didn't know. I'd usually strike up a friendship first then date them.

Weve been texting ting non stop for the past three days and were having great fun with each other but texting is different from actually meeting a person. And his taking me to this really fancy restaurant and he said he'll collect me. But I'm just nervous I suppose. Is there anything you do to get over first date nerves? A date has never gone bad for me I'm just worried this time. So any tips to make a first date go easier?


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  • I know it's said all the time but be yourself. For real!! Don't think about it too much... you'll drive yourself mad.