Single on Valentine's day?

I'm single and my ex and i broke up 5months ago and I've been with 2 girls since and don't find anyone on the same level as my ex or better so i dont know what to do. I feel pressured already. ... uggh i dont wanna be alone on Valentine's day... I don't know i can't go back with my ex cuz she jumped into a relationship with the guy she was cheating on me with 3 days after breaking up. I can never trust her ever again. But i miss all the rest of her though... no one seems to match like we did -___- this sucks. What do i do?

I hate that i truly loved her so much and that she fooled me and was cheating on me for a while behind my back... made me believe her every move even when I'd ask. She meant the world to me and now i feel like... no one else even comes close to that feeling. It makes me feel depressed and shitty like


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  • It's just a day. It doesn't even mean anything. Corporations want you to buy a bunch of useless shit on Valentine's Day so their profit margins stay high after Christmas. If you're feeling really low, throw a party for your friends and drink wine and eat food together.


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