How to ask girl to hang out Valentine's Day (through text)? Should I even?

V-Day is 3 days away! It's now or never! (I'm 21, she's 20, in college)

We hung out a few weeks ago over lunch and had a lot of fun. I'd say she was sending me good signals (e. g. laughing, playing with her hair, etc.).

A while later, she suggested we smoke weed together. So I told her to come over and she agreed. But once we started smoking it seems like conversation just dried up and I felt all awkward. It seemed like she got quiet too. We watched Netflix and she started asking personal questions after a while like "Do you want to have kids?" to which I said "I don't know yet... if I meet the right girl then yeah." Then this led to "Why don't you think you'll find the right girl?" and other personal questions. I was so baked and the atmosphere was already tense and I felt like I couldn't think of what to say. It was bad.

The next day she texts "I'm so sorry I fell asleep on the drive! But it was a good time! I don't think I've ever sat on the couch with someone for that long haha". I mentioned "next time we can catch a movie (like Star Wars) minus the weed haha". Then she said something like "Omg anything but Star Wars! haha"(inside joke). She didn't reject the idea, but she didn't jump at it either. Neither of us mentioned how awkward it was the day before. After a while she stopped texting (she usually ends texting convos like this).

Do you think it's a good idea to ask her to hang out on V-Day? I'm hoping that the only reason last time was awkward was because of the weed.

I'm thinking it'd go something like this:

Me: (joke)
Her: (response)
Me: So what are you doing this weekend?
Her: Nothing exciting
Me: Aww, really? No Valentine's day plans? </3 :(
Her: Nope
Me: You should come hang out w/ me! We can watch a movie, you said you've never watched Titanic, right? I haven't either, could be fun :)

If she does have plans, I'd just say something like "Oh okay, maybe some other time then :)"


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  • Why not just straight up:
    "Are you busy Sunday?"
    "Let's hang"