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So I like this one girl that is in our friends group. We go to the same college and have the same friends. Last semester she started this thing with one of the freshmen in our friend group. Over winter break I started snapchatting her. Then when we got back to school we have hung out more with friends and we have 2 classes together. She texts me asking where I was for this class or how she hates this group for a group project and other random stuff. She still has this thing going on with that one guy. This past weekend he went home and we all went out to the bar and had a good time. When we went back to the house we slept on the same couch. I would like to date her but she has this thing with the other guy. I don't understand because 1. He is a freshman and she is a senior. 2. I don't mean to sound argent here but I'm also smarter then him. Any ways sometimes I just don't understand girls. But what do you think I should do here? Keep going and see what happens or give up? Thoughts?


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  • I say you should not assume that she had something going on with the freshman it might not be serious. You should give it a shot and ask her out. do not give up. You will never know until you try.


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