How can I stop being embarrassed to be myself around him?

I went out with a guy last weekend and we're in the process of finalizing plans for this weekend, but I feel like I'm dumping it all on him because, even though I initiated going out again, when he asked me what I wanted to do I was too embarrassed to bring up anything specific (because what if he didn't want to do those things!). I know it's stupid and there's no reason to be embarrassed but I can't stop feeling that way.
I'm not picky, and I adapt easily so whatever he wants to do is probably fine with me, but he could still be feeling the same way I do about making decisions. How can I get over this weird shyness and start giving him actual answers when he asks for my input? Especially when they are questions I actually have answers to.


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  • Suggest things in general like, go for a walk, go to a store, get some food, get a drink. Then you ask something like "where do you like to go to?" And you just keep probing and if you agree on something then you go for it.

    • Okay that's kinda what I started doing. I just suggested - very in general - that we do something. As in something more active and involved than sitting down across from each other and talking because I think if I have another occupation I'll be less nervous and let go of my shyness more. I'll just try to keep steering and let him Coke up with the ideas haha

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    • Thanks for MHO! Hope I can help out with your other questions sometime.

    • I posted one today actually if you have an answer for it :) I hope you can help too because I always have questions.

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  • Do not feel like that girl. He should be making the plans. I do not think you are embarrassed, you are put off base when he asks you and now you feel there is something wrong with you but nahhh. He should be the one suggesting stuff not you :).


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