How do you spend the entire Valentine's Day?

It is my first relationship so I have no clue how to make it special. I am too embarrassed to ask friends and family because they will think I am some clueless loser lol. Anyway, I know I need gift, flower, chocolate, card, and an expensive dinner at night, but what else? (but even just dinner, it is hard to plan since I don't know what restaurant is appropriate, and if you search online, they will push you to those that are super expensive...*sighs*)


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  • You should do something sincere and meaningful. Forget the poetic lifetime nonsense. Hollywood is bogus.

    The amount of effort you put in should be a relatively even exchange. She tries just as hard as you do. She cares just as much as you do. Don't bend over backwards unless she is willing to do the same.

    • I see. So for example, I can cook her a meal and she would be very happy? Since she knows I don't know how to cook lol

    • Yes. Exactly

  • It's not about where you spend Valentine's its just about making your girlfriend or boyfriend feel special and loved by you.

    • I am not sure if the social norm caused me to think like that, but I see people around me buying expensive handbag and jewelry, and I have to go to high-end restaurant. To be honest, these kind of expectation is really giving me stress since I try so hard to be perfect in everything.

    • Yeah but forget the social norms. Do what you can and just make her feel special. You don't need to have a huge budget to make her happy.

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