Over protective moms?

So me and my boyfriend both have really protective moms and we are starting to get tired of it... His mom says that we are not allowed to have any physical contact other than hand holding and won't let us date until we are 18 (that's just with a parent) my mom says the same about dating but she's fine about physical contact... We aren't even supposed to be left in a room alone! We have kissed and made-out but we are tired of sneaking around. Any suggestions how to convince them we won't have sex as soon as we are alone?


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  • Sit them down and maturely explain your point of view. You understand their cautiousness and appreciate the concern, but they need to have a certain level of trust in you. Them never trusting you is simply going to lead to problems with you and your parents in the future. That's not a threat that's a reality.

    • We've tried that they won't listen

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  • I have no suggestions because I do believe you will have sex if the opportunity is there. It happens, it's not bad, it's just reality. Even priests break their vows of chastity. You do not say how old you are. How long until you are 18. I think their rules are not awful and too many teenagers end up suffering bad consequences from having sex too soon, so depending on your age, you should wait it out.

    • 4yrs

    • Well, then at 14, sorry, but their rules sound reasonable to me. As teenagers we think nothing will happen to us, it will only happen to "other" people. It's a risk taking stage of life. Parents get that. They were teenagers too. At least a few more years of not kissing and being left alone is in order. Hang in there, if you live to 70 you will have 52 years of making out and sex.