What does the handshake mean?

What does a handshake mean? Is it good or bad sign if a guy does this to a female?
Hello there is a guy that stares at me sometimes. I'm not saying he stares all the time but when he does stare he just looks at me and won't look away. Sometimes when i'm laughing and talking with someone I will just so happen to look up and he is just standing there staring at me... not sure why. Well recently I helped him out with something that he is trying to do career wise. I don't mind helping people and he thanked me through text for my help. I was fine with that and everything but then later as I was passing through he saw me and shook my hand thanking me again. Maybe I didn't see the point in doing all that but he did... maybe he was just showing his gratitude or something. The strange thing is people keep thinking that this guy likes me but


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  • It's possible that the handshake was to show gratitude. Or it's his awkward way of saying "I don't know how to appropriately say thank you so I will do something that will get me in the least trouble." I mean he could have hugged you and gotten in trouble by you slapping him, or someone make a report about it.

    • thanks for your response and yes that's true

  • Well you see he most likely is a gentlemen and is showing proper edict. So its a good thing! ^_^


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