I wamted to give her Lovers day present but her reaction?

Yesterday (Thursday) I putted a gift inside her table disk in school because it's holiday for two days so in Sunday (V day) when she come back she will see it ( Actually we aren't talking in public from 2 years and no one knows about our relationship) then when we came back home I told her to go to school a little earlier on Sunday she understood that I'm making a surprise so she said I don't want any gifts I DON'T WANT and said you only do this to make people know about our relationship and make them talk on me ( but no one will notice the gift) she made me very disappointed of myself that I can't do anything right.. what's your opinion on this situation?



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  • I think she was being sort of ungrateful since you put an effort to make her happy.

    • Is that something that is making her ungrateful?

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