What does it mean when my girlfriend got mad that I went out with my friends tonight?

I love my girlfriend, have been with her ALMOST every day for 7 months since we started dating. I know a lot of people will answer my question with she is controlling so please don't I know that. But tonight I went out with a group of friends from work saw a movie and my girlfriend got so pissed off. Why do girls do that there must be a deeper reason besides being controlling. I assured her I was talking about her all night and there is nobody else I would rather spend my time with but her. Still couldn't calm her down lol. Just curious is all.


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  • You need to have a serious discussion. It is important to spend time together in a relationship, but it is just as important to spend time with your friends and have some time away from each other. Being with each other too much may cause the flame to die out soon and you'll damage the relationship and might never be able to recover. Both of you need your friends.


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