My kids dad and I have never been together, but after the baby I developed feelings for him. He claims that he'd never be with me but goes nuts?

Goes nuts if i talk to other guys. Does he really wanna be with me but don't wanna admit it to himself?


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  • If someone really wanted to be with you, nothing would stop them.

    He probably is the territorial type of man. The type that doesn't want to see you with others, but will still do as he pleases.
    You deserve more than that.

    I don't think you should wrap yourself up in someone who clearly doesn't want you in the same way.
    If he really did, nothing would stand in his way. He's not at a time or place in his life where he wants to commit.

    A baby is a beautiful thing! But it isn't enough to make a guy ready for what he isn't.
    Just continue to focus on your child.
    As long as he's a great Father that's really all that matters.

  • It's really unfair that you two have brought a child into your indecisive mess. A child shouldn't be burdened by your lack of wise decision making skills because you two can't seem to figure out whether you just want to fuck or what.