Should I just forget about him? Do you think I scared him away?

This is really quite an embarrassing topic but I have to share with someone. Since I was younger I struggled with excessive sweating, my mum had to literally beg my doctor to prescribe something for it. I still use it to this day (mostly in the summer time) and recently my armpits have become over sensitive. I decided to shave (bad idea) a couple days ago and my deodorant basically failed me.

I had Date that night beforehand I made sure all was well. Then throughout the date I was very hot and sweaty (I didn’t think anything of it). He even laughed at me being sweaty because I kept fanning myself.

I decided to go to the bathroom to take off a layer of clothing where I realised my deodorant wasn’t working. I tried to convince myself it wasn’t bad however I know I’d probably be somewhat put off.

This never usually happens to me. At the beginning of the date we were distant since our last date didn’t end too well. We were play fighting halfway throughout the evening though so we were back to normal. But near the end of the evening we were a little distant, by this time I know he was tired and the TV had stopped working so there wasn’t much to do. I can’t seem to gauge if he was put off since we were distant on and off during the date.

We haven’t spoken in about three days. This is the usual pattern, we go through periods where we don’t talk for about 4-5 days then out of the blue he will check to see if I’m alive and we’ll meet up.

This is really bugging me since it is a huge pet peeve of mine and I am really embarrassed about it. I was really hoping he would overlook it…. I don’t know what to do at this point.

Should I just accept that he probably won’t reach out to me again?


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  • Why not reach out to him?

    • I did, twice since this happened actually. Not to talk about this, but to gauge his interest. He seemed kinda flat. He was polite, responded quite quickly, asked me everything I asked him etc but he doesn't seem like how it was before. I don't know if it it's because of this or maybe he's probably just lost interest in general.

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