Should I meet him?

i met this guy on an online game..and to be honest I thought he was kinda annoying..but soon I got to know him and it turns out he was only being annoying to get my attention because he liked me..anyways..we've been dating for over 4 months now and have been talking about meeting..I've said hi to his parents over the phone and he's done the same for mine..hes a few years older than me and has sent me gifts and everything.all in all he's a really sweet guy..and we've both talked to our parents about it..but should I meet him?cuz I can honestly c us going into the future together..but is this right? is it normal? should I do this? please help me out here.thanks (:


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  • Here's how I figure: If you can't pay to get out there, you can't meet him.


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  • 4 months? And you haven't met up?

    I wouldn't really say this is a foundation for a good relationship at all.. meeting on an online game?..

    Personally, I wouldnt.

    do you even live near each other?

    • To be honest I've been to his town its actually awkward thinking tht I might have seen him b4..but no we havnt met..but we nvr argue..we always can talk to e/o with our personal problems like a normal relationship..i just don't know what to do..

  • You can't date someone online without meeting them irl first. It's stupid.

    • And I've tried guys around wr I live they are all..well ..nice to put it..jerks..other then tht no one has really shown interest in me..and I don't know if its because I'm not beautiful..cuz I'm not feeling like I am..and when I met this guy..ik he didn't fall in love with my looks..he fell for my personality b4 he ever even saw my pic..which makes me feel somewut loved in this world.

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