I want to figure out the perfect date?

I'm the type of guy that likes to come up with these awesome first dates. You know the kind where the girl can't wait to go tell it to all of her friends. And since I live in a warmer climate, I was thinking of taking some one ice skating. and since I know the guy that owns the place I was thinking of calling in a favor and letting me have a couple of hours just for ourselves. Maybe even have dinner there. Is it too much for a first date or should I think smaller, and leave that for another time?


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  • Wow happy Gilmore or van wilder, you should take her out the best dates come in three. Movie dinner and a walk. Pattern is the best.

    but for a first day try not to spend to much on wowing her off the bat. go ice cream after movies or skating.


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  • if you set the bar so high on the first date, what will you do on the second? maybe that's why you're having so many first dates, eh? j/k :) but seriously, this sounds like the kind of effort you would do for someone you're a little more involved with than a first date.

    it could also be seen as compensating for something... what's wrong with a simple date where she can get to know you? why put on a show?

    i guess the thing is, you can't just create this crazy environment, take her breath away one night and then build a relationship on that. if you're looking for a one night thing, sure this might work. but otherwise I think it's sort of strange.

    • I agree for the most part, although I'm not really one for too serious of a relationship. I'm prefer to be that memory. you know the one where girls like to think about "oh that one time.... it was so romantic". I'm not one for a commitment at least not for a few more years

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