You atractive girl, would you date a guy?

You are outgoing nice and happy girl who get all you want and there surprise Comes to you, some reactive kinda guy in some nothing special looks and he gives you a present. He have serious intentiouns toward her even he have nothing special to offer you but wants serv her happy.
What do you think? How do you react to this?


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  • Sounds awful to me, hope that's not discouraging. You can't usually charm a girl with a gift out of the blue and showing that you care about her. Caring doesn't equal attraction.

    There might some exceptions like if a girl is treated like shit and then you do something really gentle like put a blanket over her, that might occasionally work.

    But charming a girl who isn't even that close to you by randomly surprising her with a gift usually doesn't want. It also doesn't help to adopt the mindset of "serving the girl, making her happy" like some servant kind of mindset. It helps to put enough respect in yourself to stand equal to her, to have some of your own selfish pursuits but also giving back but on your own terms, not hers.

    You can charm a girl even without the greatest looks sometimes by just kind of showing her a great time, asking her to hang out, and then doing something to get out of "nice guy zone", maybe being frisky a bit, daring, anything. But mostly you can't usually just be a sweetheart and have that work, it'll quickly move you to the friend compartment as a guy to be taken for granted.

    • There might [be] some exceptions like [...]

    • with a gift usually doesn't want [/work] -- sorry, tired.

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  • im nice and happy but not outgoing I'm kinda shy and quit but I would tell him no because I wouldn't be in to a reletionship

  • But I am not outgoing, nice and happy. ;_;
    Anyway, I'd tell him no because I am not interested in a relationship no matter who it is.


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