What is everyone's opinions/experiences in NC rule?

Just curious as to guys and girls experiences on the famous NC rule, especially if you were the dumpee?
Did it work? Did your ex get back in touch? What did you learn from it?
My ex tried to call me x3 times 2 weeks ago and left a couple of messages... I have yet to reply as im still pretty angry.
i went NC almost 2 months ago.
how do people feel about NC?
Do you believe it works?

Happy Valentine's day everyone 😘😘
The Ex tried to call me twice today... I'm feeling good lol x


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  • I have to write a lot of papers and before you introduce an abbreviation such as NC you need to use the full phrase at least once. I did not have to google possible translations for "NC" just to answer your question.

    No contact is the best thing to do after break up. Keeping in touch or seeing the other person only makes things harder and increases the possibility of relapsing.


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  • It didn't really work, we talked a little bit because I really wanted to get back together and I knew if we started hanging out it would either make it clear that we were or we wouldn't. I think you should either decide to remove the person from your life or try to get them back because there's no point in torturing yourself and seeing "who breaks the nc first" relationships aren't games. It shouldn't give them a "chance" to miss you because if they did they'd miss you asap

    • He blocked me darling so I couldn't contact him even if he hadn't im far too proud.
      How long did it take for the ex to get in touch with you?
      Also, I understand what you mean abouy giving them a chance to miss you. Then again, I've only started to really miss him this month and I hope (for him) you can't miss what you already have x

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    • yepp apps are tricky id rather just do it through phone number

    • I've sent him an email asking to meet up and talk.
      Fingers crossed x

  • The no contact rule is meant to help you heal, recover, and move forward without being distracted by your ex's presence. Not as a means for you to covertly manipulate someone and punish them with silence knowing that you have full intentions of keeping them in your life.

    • I had no choice but to go NC... As he had blocked me lol.
      I want him back but I missed his calls.
      It has helped me to move foward... But also miss him a great deal x

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    • Hmmm he sounds a bit manipulative himself. Blocking you because you didn't answer his call? For all he knows, you were in the middle of a car accident or something. That was totally unnecessary on his part. Sounds like you're not over him and miss the relationship. Was it a healthy relationship?

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply.
      I'm not over him at all... But it's getting better.
      I never thought Id hear from him again due to the blocking etc.
      I don't think he's being manipulative but he's very very proud and stubborn.
      Yes it was good for the most part then the rowing got too much.
      After the bu he said he deleted my number... Clearly not but I deleted his.
      Also the message said "have you been trying to call me" no chance as I couldn't.
      After the BU he said never to contact him again, I wonder will I hear from him again x

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