Is it possible to mess up your chances with the right guy?

I recently went on a first date with a guy that is seems so awesome. He's funny, sweet, handsome and fun. I think he had a great time with me and even texted me after the date saying that he had a blast. I said I had an awesome time with him.

After the date was over, I was feeling tipsy, and texted him something that I later regret very much. Basically, he touched my butt a couple times during our first date, and I felt like maybe it's because he might just want to hookup or something. I then texted him that stupid text saying basically that I noticed he touched my butt and telling him that if he just wants a hookup, he will not find it from me. He responded respectfully and said he totally understood where I was coming from and that he was sorry and that he is too, in fact, looking for more than just a hookup.

The date was Saturday, and he hasn't spoken to me since. In hindsight, and with a sober mind, I realized that he wasn't looking for a hookup, but was just a nice guy that was kinda clueless about first date etiquette. I feel so mortified and have been beating myself up for the past 5 days about what I did. It's not everyday that I find a guy that I like enough to date, and to think that I blew it with this guy makes me so infuriated at myself. I feel like maybe this could have turned into something so beautiful.

So my question is: can you truly mess up your chances with being with the right guy? If you are meant to be with this person could you still ruin your chances?


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  • Nah, you're over-thinking it. If he wants a real relationship, he probably likes the fact that you're not the kind of girl who would be open to a casual hook-up.
    He may be busy with other stuff (work?) and might not want to come across as desperate or overwhelming, maybe you should text him or call him and just be like "Hey, how was your week? Want to do something this weekend?" or send him a funny video or article about something you guys discussed on your first date as a gentle reminder that you're still interested.

    Your text message wouldn't blow a relationship if it was/is going to happen. If it doesn't work out because he's either not interested in the same way you are or something else, don't put all the blame on that text. That wouldn't blow it. If that was the straw that broke the camels back, then it wasn't much to begin with anyway.

  • If he's the right guy and you're not cheating on him... No

    Just text him and ask him out and see what he says


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