Stop Dating or Keep going?

I never really cared about girls during school, I just thought a special one would walk by and I would fall in love and from then on it would be easy. didn't happen.
At the Age of 19 (half a year ago) I decided it was time to take some action ( never had a kiss before that or anything going with a girl).

So I went out and approached, I got all dating apps and hung around in Clubs (mostly looking for a relationship, but open for other things as well). No problem with that , I am not shy at all.

Since then I´ve made out with 4 girls and dated about 10. With 2 of them I was about to start a relationship. However it didn't work out yet.

And i find myself very frustrated (I usually achieve my goals) . I know half a year is quite a short period of time but I am asking myself how to carry on. It really scratches my pride when I get a flake (got one today again) or it just doesn't work out ( I always have incredibly high hopes).

Keep the numbers high and just hope for probability?

Take a break?

Or stop this offensive approach altogether ( try to find female friends) ?

I know you can't force it but should I keep tryining?

Btw: Im in the military so approaching girls at my job is not such a good idea


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  • You're trying too hard. Not sure how you are meeting girls... online? Just take it easy. When you find a girl you are interested in just get to know them. If you are going on crazy amount of dates in a short time and not getting to know each of them properly you will never end up in a relationship. Don't pressure yourself, just let things happen.


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