She says she can't date me?

There's this girl I've been talking to on the phone that dated my friend for 4 months they've been broken up close for a month. She told me today that she couldn't probably date me because me and her ex are too good of friends and then she began to say maybe 2 or 3 years down the road we can date. What do I do? Please help!!!


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  • She respects "Your" friend more than you do him.
    I question your morality as a person.
    If I was interested in dating my "friends" ex I'd speak with them about things first before I even made that move on the other person.

    The fact that she respects him far more than you do, is that.

    "Girls come and go like buses, but real friendships last forever."

    What happens if she said yes, then your relationship failed?

    You'd be looking for your friend after, only for him to be nowhere to be found.

    It's okay to have interest in your friends ex, but do things the moral way.
    Selfishness doesn't ever allow you to prevail.

    • My friend said he doesn't care if we date but she said she couldn't date me she don't think because it would be awkward hanging out with me and him

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