That I fear letting women in my life... how do I overcome this?

As much as I hate to tell people this I think I have no other choice but to do so in order to get answers I seek.

ok a little about me I'm 28 years old going to 29 and I'm currently under disability do to numerous of neurological disorders I have such as mild autism, chronic depression, anxiety disorder, hyperactivity and insomnia. in the meantime I'm currently going to school hoping to graduate and start my career to finally put an end to this type of life.

it wasn't so long ago that my cousin introduced me to that app Tinder and I found it pretty exciting. I been using this app for a couple of weeks and have become a little successful with it but I seriously never met any of the women I talk to on this app. I am extremely embarrassed to let any of these women in my life because I dont want them to find out the type of life I live.

I am also paranoid that maybe these women may become a threat to me in the future but I dont know where to exactly start with this one but feel free to ask me if you are curious. till then I was wondering if there is anybody else out there who is going through or has gone through what I'm going through and how exactly should I deal with this?

PS= please ignore the "That" in my question, it was a typo


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  • I feel the same way about guys, so I understand. But I don't know how to overcome it. I do have anxiety disorder and I think it can be a big part of the problem. So maybe start by treating it?

    • oh well anxiety isn't a disease so it can't really be treated, all we need to do is learn how to control it. but oh well it kinda protects us in a way but over-protection isn't so good either which is our case I guess

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    • I been a meditator since late 2012 and yes it has helped out a lot. My anxiety right now is nothing compare to how it was in high school. but I've heard about Cognitive behavioral therapy, it sounds a little confusing

    • I read a lot about it in books and then talked to a therapist who helped me learn it better. I was having terrible panic attacks and finally decided it wasn't worth my pride living that way. Basically, people with anxiety tend to think worst case scenario thoughts 24/7. It makes us believe life is more negative than it is and sometimes even influences actions that make a bad outcome more likely.

      CBT helps us realize when it's anxiety guiding us and to push past negative thoughts that come do automatically.

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  • If you don't have experience with women and dating, these apps can be a bit much.

    Would be great if you could build your confidence up through doing social things like going to a class on whatever you find interesting or might want to try like photography, cooking, learning another language etc.

    I feel you pain, man - try to not put too much pressure on yourself and take small steps... It's actually more fun and you get further!


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  • Sounds like commitment phobia. I suggest doing some soul search. Look into your past to see what brings you negative feeling to associate with letting someone in your life.

    I would also suggest a commitment phobia self help book or therapist.

    Good job on ackniwledgeing and be brace to share it with others. Best of luck


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  • Just go for a good fap and stop acting like a fcking beta male with all these feelings

    • hmm I always knew there was something fishy about dudes who use the term "alpha/beta" male

  • I've never had any luck getting matches on tinder or meet ups.

  • You are right in fearing women...

    The danger of the sharks, is a characteristic of woman

    • hey thanks for having some logic and sympathy. most people that I ask this tend to look down on me like if women can't ever be a threat to us men

    • The vast majority of people in the west are brainwashed feminazis... though men are slowly but surely waking up... Feminism has hidden the true nature of women which was always known to mankind