Girls, trying an online dating thing to see if I can meet someone new. Help with my profile?

I'm just stuck, I can never think of what to write on stuff like this :( Any suggestions, what would women like to see in an online profile that would make a guy stand out and maybe date him?


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  • 1. Never EVER take a mirror selfie.
    2. take a nice photo, if possible not a selfie, with good lighting that compliments your features.
    3. For the writing part, share your passion. What are you into? Music, cinema, fashion, culture? Make yourself seem interesting! try something witty/clever. Don't use a deep motivational quote haha.
    Don't try too hard though. I'm sure it'll be great :) Gook luck

    • How do I make myself seem interesting, and stand out? That is the trouble I am facing. I am very introverted, and rarely go out, and do "exiting" things. To me exciting, is a quiet evening at home with my cat, Netflix, a good book, and hopefully, a woman I love.

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    • I've heard of the wheel of time it never read them. There's like 12 books right? But a few friends of mine are huge fans so I guess it's a good series ! And can't go wrong with LOTR 😍

    • More now. The original author past, and his son is continuing the series.

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  • Never take a selfie in your bathroom. Put at least one picture that shows you with your friend or in a normal situation.
    Explain why you're there and talk about what's you're interested it.
    Pictures are the first thing you notice but too much men don't develop their profil page.

    • I am lonely :( that is why, but I was under the impression saying stuff like that would make me sound desperate.

    • Well, I used to do it and I would always go for those kind of profiles. You obviously don't say "Im looking for the woman of my life". As a woman on there, you see men who just want sex and ones who are more serious. Being a little more details makes it feel like you're on the serious part

    • Ok more details, this is good. What kind of details catch womens eye?

  • Something witty as their bio. Seem respectable too, I'm always dubious when guys put "always up for a laugh", makes me think they're not after anything serious. Have a photo where you're smiling. Never be too posey, it's just cringe. Have a photo with you and some friends so it looks like you're a confident, social person. That's attractive, to me at least.

    • Any suggestions? This stuff gets me kind of anxious, and I find it hard.

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    • Lol. She won't take that literally right?

    • I don't know hahaha, I'd hope not.
      It's British sense of humour I guess

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