What just f**king happend?

so i felt in love with this guy 2 years ago but he was kind of a womanzier (not the hearless kind just a guy who tell you what he want from you and care about you at the same time ) . and he didn't want a serious thing with me and this week he came to talk to me and we had fun w huged and just sit together , so he proposed me a real date like i always wanted but i just freak out and said i was busy this week and when he said he missed me so much i said "thanks" LOL but i miss him like a drug addicte i love him soooo much what should i do?


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  • So if you "love him", and he asked you to go on a real date with him. Why did you say no? Because you freaked out? And when he said he missed you, you said thanks?

    Omgee -___-"

    • i konw XD i'm so stupid this time.

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    • we don't study in the same high school but we live close to each other and we go to the same places so i guess we gonna see each other.

    • Oh well if you bump into him, just tell him

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