Does patience kill u?

Does it feel like torture letting things slowly progress. I feel like I am in a romantic movie with him every minute standing near him in the kitchen with his friends. I get intoxicated. I have to kiss him sometimes and he holds me around the waits and slaps my rock hard ass and shows his friends how lucky he is and his friends are nice. It feels cozy we listen to mysic we laugh. But he keeps a bit of a wall cause he knows I want to jump his bones. He whispers "later" as in after his friends leave which will be like 2 am. He winks across the room he caresses me: I melt the tension is crazy. At last he says go get in bed and get sexy for me I am going to say goodnight now to them. They leave in a couple minutes. He comes in he takes off his shirt showing his beautiful muscles from construction. He kisses me hard the passion unleashes. He cuddles me as we sleep rolling over pulling me closer holding my hand affectionately. Long kiss after a steamy shower. And then I wait to hear back he works a lot he had baby mama drama. But he always calls and the hello baby mKes me melt. I just need it more but he explained things. This is how it will be for a while. But the moments we have are beautiful with salt and lime and a cold beer and mango chicken and laughter and a sexy smile. He feeds my soul. I feel ok knowing the moments we have make me feel like. Am In Some hip movie with me as Jennifer Anniston and he is the leading man like fuck The guy she was matched with in He'd not that In to you. It is really really nice but tough waiting to see what it has potential of becoming. I want to see the future.


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  • Given tour description, it seems that the long, drawn out moments are part of the sensuality and passion. What is the hurry here? Are the times together too infrequent? Or are you just trying to make us all jealous with the intensity of your love life?

    • Not trying to make anyone feel jealous just like you said too infrequent and I die inside waiting till he is available and I always think for a few days that maybe we won't get together again maybe that was it just short texts like how are you and his baby mama gets mad jealous when she brings the baby for a visit. Nit good for me to make his phone ring when he is with the baby cause she is psycho and fatal attraction level psycho. So when he is free he texts me but he is usually worn out and crashes out he does 60-70 hour weeks I get it. And when We are able to meet up I am so worked up from wondering if I will hear from him or see him again that all I wast is us jump his bones right away and we always have the long evenings where friends are there and it is nice but I am so worked up I feel torture till we get a private moment. It is exciting and excruciating we only meet up about every two weeks. I was also working double shifts too which made it hard to meet up.

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    • Myself, I'm selling 50 years worth of stuff my dad filled up the garage with so my mom can get into it. I filled a 25 ft dumpster with trash this pasy few days!

    • I could hope

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