Is it creepy to watch your partner sleep?

When I was 18 I use to watch my first love sleep after we made love.. I wasn't too sleepy afterwards but she would k kick out like she was the one doing all the work but it was actually me doing the humpin and pumpinπŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ anyway she looked sooo beautiful and peaceful to me I would watch her sleep and think I must be the luckiest guy ever... She was my everything in those days. I would always wonder what she was dreaming about...

(Not that it's anyone business but)

i haven't had sex In like4 1/2 years 😐😫😣😡 hahaha

(but it it's by choice cuz I don't like sleeping with random females)

but when I was sleeping with another girl I never watched her sleep or played with her hair or any if that stuff I use to do when I Was in love... I don't know if its because my feelings aren't as strong or is it just because I don't cRe no more But does that sound creepy, to watch your partner sleep peacefully?

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  • I think it's adorable! If my guy (well, if I had one) watched me sleep, I wouldn't be creeped out in the slightest. I'd just be insecure about whether I drooled or not or if my hair looked like shit or my eyes had boogies in them or if I snored. Yeah, I'd be that, but not creeped out.


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