Girls, What are some cute ways to ask a girl out?


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  • On a date or to be your girlfriend?

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    • Yeah thanks I've known this girl for a year now and I really like her

    • Yeah, perfect. So by now you know things she enjoys and her little quirks. Take her to a nice place to eat (casual, nothing fancy) and pick an activity that she's either 1. Always wanted to do or 2. Something she enjoys (i. e.; beach, amusement park, etc.). If you're having a hard time figuring out what she may want to do that she hasn't done before, simply spark a conversation up and ask "if you could try anything in the world that you haven't tried yet - what would it be?" And see her response.

      I had a guy take me ice skating on our first date. I had never been ice skating prior to that and I had the most amazing time. Then we went and got lunch afterwards and saw a movie. It was simple but a ton of fun.