What to do when Tinder is your only option? Does it work and how do you be successful on it?

Hey everyone, so I've come to the conclusion that Tinder is basically my only option and I don't know how to increase my chances of success on there. Its my only option because I work with a tree trimming service, so there's obviously no girls in that line of work. And for school, I'm taking classes about the craft beer industry, and there's only like 2 girls in the whole class. So its basically my only option unless someone can suggest something else? Just don't say bars/clubs because I've already been to them, and those places are better for hookups anyway.


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  • Tinder doesn't really work. Most girls use it just to see how many people will match with them to feed their ego without intending to go out with them. It probably worked when it first came out and was really popular but not so much now.

    • Yeah I've heard that before, so is it not even worth trying then? I've also heard of some success stories from it, but its also a common fact that there's a lot of competition on those dating apps because there's usually more guys on them than girls. I just don't really have any other options, and I don't want to waste my time if its just a bunch of girls looking for an ego boost.

  • How to be successful on tinder?

    1) be tall jacked athletic like me
    2) jacked pics
    3) Success

    • True, I know that success on Tinder is like 95% based on looks. That's why I haven't gone on there yet, I'm not that jacked and I want to wait until I've been hitting the gym for awhile before going on there. But have you ever been successful on there, or do girls really just use it as an ego boost like the other guy said?

    • Lmaoo dude u hmu in inbox I'd show u success