What to do to stop feeling insecure?

I've always been insecure about my looks. Many people told me to not worry about it, but it just keeps on bothering me. How do you get over this? Any advice?


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  • Work out, you're working on your body. Stronger, more attractive, healthier whatevers xD I feel great after a good workout, pushing yourself to new limits

    Dress up as if you're going somewhere, when you're not. You'll be like 'Look at Youuuuuuuuuuu'

    And if you don't believe yourself, your family or friends when asking what they think... The 'How do I Look' topic here might help out. There you'll get the compliment shower from the people here. And in doubt, you can always come back to that question and reread the compliments


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  • It's an every day process. Focus on your positives and embrace your negatives. Constantly remind yourself that people around you cherish all of your parts.
    If there is anything that you wish to change, try to work on it.


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  • Stop worrying what others think about you. Go out be happy and make yourself happy. You look cute and pretty.

  • Looks are like grades.. If you get a 100 you get an A , if you get an 81 you still get an A.
    So no point in trying to get a 100 if you get the same grade for 81.
    Similarly, no point in trying to look better once you know you are decent looking.


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