Should I date a girl that was abused? Is it going to be problematic?

This girl I had been seeing called me while drunk and told me she had been abused. The suspicious thing about it is that on our first date she mentioned the same thing almost word for word. Also, sometimes I get the feeling she puts on a happy mask but in reality she feels like shit inside...


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  • It's definitely not something easy to deal with. I feel like, in such situation, you mostly have to think about how beginning something will affect her and you have to be more careful about it all.
    Women who has been abused can have relationship. You just have to be ready to deal with her in a different way and be patient with her. If you fee like she's putting on a happy face, she's probably really doing it. You have to know if you're ready to handle that situation. It will take a little more work on your part, that's for sure. You're the only one who can know if she's worth trying

    • I think you're right thanks

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  • If you have the choice, better not.

    • What's your rationale though?

    • Don't get into something that is 'less pay more work' .. You'll have to work so much harder to break her walls down, comfort her, deal with her insecurities..
      If you are not in love with her already, now is a good chance.. Walk away.

    • Ok that makes sense thanks man