He still has his dating profile up?

I have met the perfect guy online (or so I thought). Thing is, we're millions of miles apart (though he did say he would visit me next year) We have been speaking for 4 months, and he has been super sweet, affectionate and romantic so far. He does most of the texting, conversations, claiming that I'm the most perfect woman he has ever met with a lot of love emojis, etc. He was also clingy (cannot go away for a day without him panicking) and 5 minute conversation without flirting.

I am planning on breaking up with him because he still has his profile up. This is wasting our time. Should I say ignore him for a few days before saying "do you see us being together in the future?" followed by, regardless of his answer "I don't see any purpose in continuing whatever it is that we have now if this is going nowhere. So we are going to talk, part ways when we find someone living closer to us and pretend that nothing has ever happened?" then I will block him. Is this a good way to break up with him? I recover quickly and now preparing myself emotionally for the break up.


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  • The reason you want to break up is understandable. Long distance can't be easy. But blocking him? I think that will be hurtful. Y'all could still message as friends but just see other people.

    • I don't think we could be friends. It is awkward and there is no use being friends. The reason why I am breaking up with him is because I know the reason why he has his profile up and it would be a waste of time continuing to invest my emotions in him. I will be blocking his FB, number and everything.

    • Well of don't want anything to do with him I think your on the right path. A clean break sounds fine.

    • *If.

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