Ideas for dates with no money?

I'm a 17 year old male who has no job or car, I'm not a complete bum but I feel like it. I've been looking for jobs but I live in a small city and the only jobs are 20+ minutes away or require you to be 18yrs or older.

Im a junior in high school and haven't had a girlfriend yet, and I feel as if I won't be able to provide for one. I'm not ugly and unattractive, that isn't the problem at all and I've rejected girls before just because of this problem. I wanted to ask this girl out as I like her more than any other girl I have talked to. I'm only scared of not being able to keep our relationship fun after I ask her out. All I have is a laptop with Netflix and a extremely comfortable bed, but I reckon she won't want to cuddle and watch Netflix every day.

I have no idea what we would do for dates, my mom would have to drive me around and she never gives me money as she has to pay bills etc. I would appreciate if anyone can help me out and give me advice on what I should do in this situation and how I would be able to keep her happy. I don't want to ask her out and then end up feeling like a bad boyfriend.


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  • Well, you could have game nights at your house or hers. You could watch movies, go for walks, maybe there's activities you can do at school, like football games or something. Look for free things to do in your community. Also, You could cook together, ride bikes, go swim or in the hot tub, or get a blanket & go outside and watch the sunset. Have a picnic but make your own sandwiches and stuff at home. The girl I'm sure will have things to do at her house & have some ideas on what u guys can do. :) I'm sure she is going to understand because she may be in the same boat as u, when comes to not having a lot of money and no car. :) so no worries.


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