Do you think cheating on someone has a big impact on that person? If so how?

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  • I, and people around me who has been cheated on, are so affected by it. It's not like it changes your life completly but it's always a thought in the back of your mind that gives you a insecurity and fear in all your future relationships that you didn't have before, and it's harder to trust someone completely again

    • Do you think it lowers their standards?

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    • I am talking about them, but I mean do you think it makes them more likely to date someone less attractive than the people they've dated in the past?

    • No, what you are attracted to won't change because someone cheated on you. I rather think you get more selective instead.

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  • Of course yes.. its hurting if this person will learn it. If no, you should have " black mind". If nothing from above mentioned, you're not human.


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  • Yep definitely does, but which person the cheater or the cheatee?

  • depends on if they gave a shit about you in the first place, which chances are they did.


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