How can I lower my standards?

Significantly more people like me than I like back. Not because I'm that attractive, because Im really not. It'smainly because I rarely ever fall in love and when I do, it sticks for a lomg time. I had feelings for a guy in a university I dropped out of for tactical reasons and never saw him again. I want to fall in love again, but cannot seem to manage it. I tried dating someone I liked as a friend but it just didn't work and soon I found him repulsive. We're back to friends luckily, but how can I make it easier to fall in love? Preferably woth someone within reach this time :p


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  • You can't, your standards are a part of who you are.

    • That's not very helpful. I genuinly want to fall in love.

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    • I want someone that makes me happy and I know some of the guys I turned down wpuld have been wonderful at that if only I had feelings for them. The one guy I do have feelings for is funny and smart, but kind of a jerk. Not the ideal boyfriend. Not that handsome either, but so attractive... I wish I could steer it better.

    • You can't.
      The heart wants what it wants.

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