How do I approach her?

There is a girl. She is two years younger than me. She goes to the parallel class (different class but same grade) of my sister. I recognized her cause she and my sister were talking at school and later that day I asked my sister about her. I think the girl is beautiful and I told it my sister. (No big deal. We often tell each other about other boys/girls)
But my sister told the girl what I said and after some days the girl told my sister that she thinks I'm cute.
Now I want to approach that girl cause the is really beautiful and you can often guess what a person is like by seeing how somebody talks to others and this girl is wonderful. Maybe a bit shy but cute and always with a smile.
Now I don't know how I could start a conversation. I don't know how to get to know her. What could I do?


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  • Just walk right up to the chick. Then tell her that she seems amazing and that you really want to learn more about her.

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    • Never got that much adrenaline in my blood when I asked her. I weren't able to concentrate after it for like an hour. You're welcome :)

    • :D I get the same way as well. Though when I asked my boyfriend of 4yrs now out. I was stuttering like mad, my face was red, and I ended up shoving a song by Elvis in his face. Saying that explains how I felt.

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  • walk up to her like you got two dicks.