Guys, there's a popular "Girls' Take" on single guys past a certain age (used as a general defense for dating younger guys); do you agree?

I've gone back into the dating scene after a long marriage and felt that the guys I was meeting were either too young or older, single and basically set in their bachelor ways. I asked a few friends about it and they all seemed to agree that many of the single guys my age (especially those who have never been married before) are often "confirmed bachelors," which means they're (1) not looking for anything serious, (2) not emotionally available, and (3) may even draw things out for a year or two before dropping you for a one-night stand. Is this true?

I did try going out with a couple of guys who were approximately five years younger than me, but we didn't seem compatible in terms of the activities they were interested in, etc. I'd like, if possible, to meet a fellow my age (or within 1-3 years of my age). Not sure how to get to that level.


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  • There could well be something to that. I think older guys are less willing to change their ways than women of the same age. Divorced older men try to date younger women so that theu don't feel that life has passed them by somehow. Thus the greater abailability of plder rather than same age guys. My guess is that older never married men tend to be a bit neurotic (women too). Hopefully you can find a normal, decent guy your age with nothing to prove.

    • A good point. What frightens me (shocks is perhaps a better word) is how young they'll go. A lot of "sugar daddy" situations, which is fine but sort of puts a grown woman at a disadvantage. I'm trying to figure out what would happen if it turned in my purse and professional attire for the old espadriles and daisy dukes, LMAO.

      I'm in pretty good shape and don't physically look my age, but there's no way for a woman of 39-40 to "trick"/convince a guy into thinking she's worth his time if he's set on poaching for 22-25 year olds, no matter what shape she's in.

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    • Will do. What's your MyTake link?


      Took me a while to do this on a phone. Still not used it. I look forward to WiFi!

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  • I'm availible and I want marriage

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