I dont get Whats wrong with me?

I dont get out much so i am using a dating website..

I am not unattractive, or a bitch. Guys never seems interested in me, and stops talking to me after a few weeks... why is this? Is it just because its a dating website? I dont know.

Guys are so damn rude to me, for no reason when i dont deserve it!!! Again, im not a bitch. My heart has been constantly BROKEN and its driving me nuts!!! Girls who aren't that attractive (personality wise) have the best boyfriends.. here i am, treated like shit. What the hell... why guys?


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  • Straight lemons. Online dating is difficult mainly because people have many options for people. If they find someone more interesting they'll most likely cut you off in a second.

    There was a study that showed online dating is more difficult than talking to people in person.


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  • you see, there's this thing called anonymity, and everyone on the internet has it~ people feel that this anonymity makes them immune to consequences, and so they have no problem being a dick to you (or anyone else they so choose).

    we live in a generation of instant gratification, a cycle of swiping, Liking, and fucking that online dating has afforded us; a world in which we love things and use people~ we upgrade them on a whim, to something shinier and newer, when the old one would have sufficed with a bit of tlc.

    if everyone is being rude to you, as you say, perhaps something on your profile is triggering them to react to you that way~ feel free to send me a link to your profile, and i'd be happy to look it over for you.

    • Its A POF profile , try looking up Angelbrookee

    • firstly, you are very pretty :)

      while i don't really see any "trigger" words, per se, saying that "i'm not fake" can be a bit of a turn-off. also, it might help to add more about you~ be clear on what you are looking for, and don't be afraid to brag about your awesomeness; the right guy won't see it as threatening.

      (have you tried other sites as well? okcupid is one of the better ones, if you haven't tried it out yet.)

      good luck!


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