I am crushed, on Valentines day, and I need some help?

Let me start it off by saying, I really really liked her. I did everything I could for her, whenever I could, because I really care about her, not because I expect love back. I always tried to be there for during any and everything she needed help with. I always told her I cared about her, and she always smiled and seemed happy when I said it. Things escalated, she acted flirty, she teased, we started getting touchy. I was happy, I thought I had a chance, and I took it. Valentines day came, and I made a nerdy but meaningful thing for her. I ask her, with the thing I put time and love into, and she said she was "taken". I find out, she has another guy as her valentine, and she is "maybe" dating him. I'm crushed, heart broken, I need motivation, I need help. I just want to drop dead...


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  • All you did was flirt with her.

    • Notta, hung out a few times and so on...

    • Well, she should have told you that she already had someone. This has happened to all of us though.

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