Should I go on this blind date?

I have a blind date event in my friend's college tomorrow. I dont knw any more details. All my friends want to go, but i am very hesitant. Eventhough i wanna go :
i would hv to miss classes
I am very underconfident of my looks. I dont think an attractive guy would stay to have a conversation with me ( i have never dated before).
I am really stressed out these days because of some personal matters. I dont know if i should try to get in a blind date now.
But i am in a girls college so i haven't met guys from a long tym.
I am so confused and hesitant. My friends are going just for fun. Should i also go? Pls help me.

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I went today. And it sucked man. Coz only a few people were selected to actually go on the date with a stranger. And i was not selected. Rather i had to wait for my friend to finish her date for 2 hours as she was selected. And she insisted on me waiting for her. And finally she went home with her other friends. What an a**!( sorry it was a rant here.)


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  • Yes go for it , you should have all kinds of experiences in your college lyf :)

    • But i am not pretty. I am average in looks dept. I feel really undercnfident.

    • You dont have to be dead drop gorgeous , dress well , be smart stay calm , its the first few mins which is really awkward after that once get comfortable you will enjoy it , I hope the guy isn't a jerk but rather a sensible person. Good luck , u have nothing to lose :)

    • Ok. Thanku :)

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  • Sure! :D It could be an awesome experience. :) My parents met on a blind date.

    • Thank you for MHO, how did it go?

    • It was a not so good experience. The event was such that only 5 couples were made and i did not get selected for that round.

    • hmmm, what was the event? Was this speed dating?

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  • The fact that you would have to miss classes would be a deal breaker for me. But I guess it depends on what your major is and if you can make up what you miss and not be sunk by it.

    And if you have never dated before, maybe you should be less concerned about whether or not the guy is attractive and more concerned about just striking up a conversation and working on how that goes.

  • Yes, go for it.


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