He hates feelings, but sometimes I need them?

He hates feelings. Expressing them, having them expressed to him. & has openly admitted to doing so.

When we are together he is fine. It's fun, he's lovely, we hug, rarely kiss, have a lot of sex. When I am at home (2hrs away) he texts & calls every day. It's all fine but sometimes I just want some love. To feel wanted. To know how much I mean to him.

He's told me he loves me drunk but never sober. He puts random emojis where someone would put hearts or kisses. He just won't say anything that makes me feel like we have a future or that I mean anything more to him than a friend (apart from the fact we are more than friends). He calls me buddy, mate, lad but never anything that makes me feel special & when I bring anything like this up he just says "I hate when you are like this :("

in in his last relationship (not too long ago) he bought her valentines presents, sent x's & told her he loved her. They were together for 3 years, we aren't officially together yet but we have been exclusive for 4 months & dating for about 7

i just don't know what to do anymore?


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  • Umm maybe he just has a problem with intimacy. Maybe it's just the short amount of time you have together, doesn't want to get hurt again or something. Look if it's the first, he's not really one to blame, because a lot of guys have been hit with this "If we show emotions, we are being feminine. Weaker than our counterparts and they need to look up to us in times of emotional distress." Mainstream media and society in general has demonized the expression of emotion in men. And I think it's really f*****g stupid. Cause I am definitely the lovey dovey kind of guy in relationships. As a matter of fact, I could never see myself with a girl who was cold, unemotional and not intimate with me on a deep caring level. That being said, everyone has emotions. And I'm sure he indeed cares about you, some people just express their emotions and care differently. Maybe test it, to bring yourself some peace of mind? Don't talk to him for a few days and I'm sure he will blow up your phone... or take the direct approach (my favorite). And when he says, "Oh I hate it when you get like this, or talk about this" then that's your cue to say, but we NEED to talk about this, because it's important to me and has been on my mind for the longest... Don't let him back out of it. It's important to YOU. Remember that. And address the situation accordingly.

  • He probably is still in love with his ex


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