Why can't people be like this?

Loyal to their girls, they deserve to be treated like queens, hold the door for her when you enter a building, comfort her when she's sad, instead of saying she's hot or sexy tell her how beautiful or stunning she Is and that you only have eyes for her

Thanka for opinions


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  • "instead of saying she's hot or sexy tell her how beautiful " I do like that. Even guy friends say "Hello, gorgeous" to me, it's nice. Loyalty is also a good thing!


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  • Whats wrong with hot and sexy?

    • It's not respectful she's more then a sexual object

    • Well yeah but calling her hot and sexy is a compliment and i mean it with all the respect in the world.

    • It's seeing her in a sexual way which is disrespectfull if this is too nice for some girls then they can friendzone me I won't bend on my morals and treat a girl like dirt

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